Le birre Löwengrube


Our beers retain all the traditional Bavarian flavour that makes them the perfect accompaniment for dishes prepared at Löwengrube; all the combinations from beyond the Alps can now be experienced here, in the Löwengrube breweries in Italy.
Löwengrube offers a wide selection of beers, prepared according to tradition, to enjoy and available on draft or bottled. Savour your beer in a welcoming environment.
Come in and discover all the incredible Löwengrube flavours.


At Löwengrube, beer is pulled according to typical Bavarian tradition, taking three pulls and about seven minutes to complete. The characteristic “head” of foam which is formed keeps the beer’s flavour and lightness.


Fill your glass with all the taste of Löwengrube.

Lowenbrau Original Beer


A thirst-quenching drink with low alcohol content

Lowenbrau Triumphator Beer

Löwenbräu Triumphator

Löwenbräu Triumphator is a double-malted beer with a dark amber colour

Lowenbrau Marzen Beer

Löwenbräu Marzen

Löwenbräu Marzen is a copper-coloured beer with a malty taste

Lowenbrau Original Beer

Löwenbräu Premium Pils

Löwenbräu Premium Pils has a pleasing, slightly bitter flavour

Franziskaner Weissbier Beer

Franziskaner Weissbier

Light-bodied wheat beer

Spaten Bock Beer

Spaten Bock

Spaten Bock is a double-malted, well rounded, structured beer.


Hohenthanner HefeWeissbier Beer

Hohenthanner Hefe-Weissbier

Hohenthanner Hefe-Weissbier is a Weizen beer with a characteristic cloudiness

Hohenthanner Hefe-Weisse Dunkel

Hohenthanner Hefe-Weisse Dunkel is a full-flavoured, fruity beer.

Hohenthanner Tannen Pils

Hohenthanner Tannen Pils is a refreshing, balanced beer

Hohenthanner Kellerbier Hell

Hohenthanner Kellerbier Hell is a natural, blonde beer.

Hohenthanner Kellerbier Dunkel

Hohenthanner Kellerbier Dunkel is a dark beer with a malty aroma

ClausHaler Classic Beer

Clausthaler Classic

Clausthaler Classic is a very low alcohol beer

Daura Damm Beer

Daura Damm

Daura Damm is a blonde, gluten-free beer

Daura Marzen Beer

Daura Marzen

Daura Marzen is an amber, gluten-free beer

Leffe Cascade IPA Beer

Leffe Cascade IPA

Leffe Cascade IPA is a clear, golden beer

Leffe Royale Beer

Leffe Royale

Leffe Royale has a refined flavour, with accents of clove and vanilla

Franziskaner Dunkel Beer

Franziskaner Dunkel

Franziskaner Dunkel is an amber beer with fruity notes of lemon and banana.

Franziskaner Kristallklar Beer

Franziskaner Kristallklar

Franziskaner Kristallklar is a fresh-tasting, thirst-quenching beer.