Just excellent quality products and services. This is what Löwengrube guarantees its customers. Löwengrube and its guests form a special relationship; one based on trust and sharing a journey of discovery and knowledge about food. Löwengrube takes the utmost care in every single detail: from selecting the finest raw materials to delivering a flawless service.

To guarantee the highest qualitative standards, Löwengrube exercises capillary control along the entire food supply chain. Every ingredient is carefully selected and guaranteed to be of the finest quality, having an unmistakeable smell and flavour. To maintain the organoleptic properties of the ingredients and foods, Löwengrube observes meticulous methodologies for production, transformation and distribution.


Löwengrube enforces a traceability system that allows the detailed history of every single food product to be recorded and tracked, monitoring each item and registering it at every phase. Control over the production process is, therefore, absolute and total; the quality desired is guaranteed. The traceability procedures involve every single component in the food supply chain. Everything is done to guarantee a culinary experience without equal: from the Bavarian beers made in accordance with ancient traditions, to the choice of meats and cheeses sourced from controlled livestock farms, up to the freshest, most natural vegetables.


Quality doesn’t just mean the products. It also includes the processes. In each Löwengrube brewery, the entire management activity is closely monitored. Staff are constantly trained and updated in order to guarantee the maximum hygiene, safety and quality.