At Löwengrube, we love taking care of our guests and we always make sure to give them lots of attention, especially the children.

In addition to the area reserved for children, the Kinder Area, Löwengrube breweries also have a maxi-screen, free internet and a small shop.

Book a table or ask for our take away menu!


Löwengrube, con un rapido e comodo servizio di prenotazione online, ti permette di riservare il tuo tavolo in qualsiasi momento e da qualsiasi luogo. Seleziona la birreria, compila il form online con le tue preferenze e riceverai presto la nostra conferma via email.
Ricorda: se la prenotazione è per più di 10 persone, telefona per riservare il tuo tavolo.


The take away menu has been designed for those people who want to take all the Löwengrube flavours home and enjoy typical Bavarian cuisine. There are lots of things to try at home or wherever you like!

Choose the dishes and beers you’d like to try from the menu. Then pick them up directly from the nearest Löwengrube brewery. Handy, environmentally-friendly bags are available to help you carry your take away home.


In the Biergarten (“beer garden”) you can experience the flavours of Bavaria outside, in the open air.

Go outside and take a seat!


Each Löwengrube restaurant has a Kinder Area created following the Montessori approach, where kids can play and learn while parents enjoy their staying.


All the major sporting events: the Italian Serie A and Serie B, the Champions League, foreign leagues and much more can all be watched at a Löwengrube brewery.

Come in, make yourself at home, choose a beer and enjoy the evening in company!


Löwengrube breweries offer free Wi-Fi.
Register and access the internet. Browsing the internet with us is easy, fast and free!


In our restaurants, in addition to being able to enjoy Bavarian specialities and fine beers, you can also purchase selected Löwengrube gadgets. With the range being continuously updated, you can find t-shirts, mugs, plates and many other accessories in the unmistakeable Bavarian style.