Löwengrube Wagen: Bavarian street food revolution

The original Bavarian carriage arrives in Perugia, at the Collestrada Shopping Center. Since 1997, the Collestrada Shopping Center is the main hub for shopping for Umbrians and for those who are passing between Spoleto, Città di Castello and Castiglione del Lago. With over 50 shops, including trendy clothing stores among young people, a 24-hour fuel distributor and a children’s playground, Collestrada also welcomes the Löwengrube wagen, a new way of living the relationship with the traditional Bavarian culture and food. The street food carriage, managed directly by the headquarters in Limite sull’Arno, serves hot dogs, Bavarian burgers, appetizers and brezel of high quality and cooked at the moment, easily combined with excellent beers originating in Munich, among the protagonists of the Oktoberfest.