Hohenthanner Hefe-Weisse Dunkel

Hohenthanner Hefe-Weisse Dunkel is a full-flavoured, fruity beer.


Bottled Beer 50 cl.
Style Weisse
Flavour Toasted and sweet
Alcohol content 5,5 %Vol
Details Golden brown and cloudy with a full-flavoured fruity taste. This is the dark version of the weisse beers.
Ideal with Bavarian specialities.

Hohenthanner, the 100% independent brewery from Bavaria

A family-run business that was established 150 years ago. The raw materials are grown just outside the brewery’s doors. The utmost respect for the artisan tradition of Bavarian brewing is the hallmark of Hohenthanner products, representing a small pearl in the largely industrialised production of beer; Löwengrube is proud to welcome this brand in its selection of beers.


Origine: la birra originale di Monaco di Baviera;
Tradizione: può contare un’esperienza di circa 500 anni nella produzione birraria;
Simbolo il leone;
Purezza: prodotta nel rispetto della “Reinheitsgebot”, la legge tedesca della purezza, che consente l’utilizzo di soli quattro ingredienti: il malto d’orzo, il luppolo, il lievito e l’acqua.